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Happy Christmas and a Wonderfully Creative New Year

Belated greetings to all you lovely big and little people, with whom I had such wonderful times at our schools author/illustrator visits, creative cartoon club workshops and studio sessions. I look forward to creating with you in 2013, so creative … Continue reading

Check out Miko’s Video Tutorial ‘How to Draw a Realistic Panther’

To make a change Miko likes to vary his drawing style. So he has created a series of ‘How to Draw Realistic Figures’ These are rather more detailed than Miko’s cartoons. But don’t worry, just take it steadily. Pause the … Continue reading

Follow Miko in ‘How to Draw a Cartoon Duck’

Take to drawing like a duck takes to water. Ho! Ho! Instead of going to the expense of buying a sketch book, get some photocopy paper. Thicker the better 80gsm or 100gsm. Here we go, pencils at the ready. LOOK … Continue reading

‘How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant’ Another Miko Video Tutorial

Drawing cartoon elephants is a mighty BIG challenge. Don’t try and draw it full size! Pencils at the ready….enjoy… cartoon elephant images Try and create the basic shapes first. Take your time, relax and enjoy.

Watch ‘How to draw a cartoon Bunny’.

Welcome to another of Miko’s How to Draw Video Tutorials. Just follow Miko’s drawing. If you miss out on any step, just pause or go back. Easy…….. cartoon bunny pictures How did that go for you? Try another one. That’s … Continue reading

What a great Little Paxton Primary School

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Being busy it’s very difficult to take photographs of myself. So unless there is a keen photographer in the school with nothing else to do (very unlikey) then there is little chance of posting images of the day. But lovely … Continue reading

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Watch Miko’s ‘How to Draw a Cartoon Rabbit’

Well I guess, a cartoon rabbit is the older version of the previous cartoon bunny. What do you think? Let’s see……… cartoon rabbit images Mmmm! Yes we think so too. How is your drawing going? Bad or good? It just … Continue reading

A Miko video tutorial ‘How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger’

Want to know how to draw a Cartoon of  a Tiger? Just watch this great video tutorial and you’ll be able to copy Miko’s art, step by fun step. Give it a go: How To Draw A Cartoon Tiger cartoon … Continue reading

A visual delight from the creative young artists at S Anselms in the heart of the Peak District

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What a fun and wonderful experience working with such a delightful and charming school in a beautiful part England. The young artists and staff worked hard at their creations and came up with fantastically imaginative characters and stories. One of … Continue reading

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Our very own Creative Cartoon Club ‘Story Lab Summer Reading Challenge 2012’ Poster

Isn’t that just great? The good folk at Woking Library put up a poster advertising our ‘Draw Your Own Comic Strips’ workshop. Cool huh? It worked as well, we had loads of young talent attending the workshop. I’ll be posting … Continue reading