About Miko

Allow me to reveal the man behind the ‘Creative Cartoon Club’ …Music maestro please…..

Mik Brown taking a rare day off. Enjoying a glass of champagne on the West Coast of Sweden

Miko enjoying a rare day off on the West Coast of Sweden' I was born a baby, with a silver paint brush in my tiny little hand. That tickled my Mother. We had little money and out of my fifteen brothers and sisters, I was the only one born with a silver paint brush. So at the age of six months I was sent out into the wide world to earn my fortune as an artist..............'

That’s enough of that! The truth of the matter is, ‘I was born’ and ‘earning a ‘small’ fortune as a professional cartoonist, illustrator and author’

My more serious work is usually commissioned for factual editorial and news items. It follows that my humorous illustration and cartoon work is used to convey a lighter message. I produce a wide range of of styles and techniques, in fact when you check out my web sites, I have often been asked if I am an agent representing several artists. No, it’s all my own work. My work is found in all sorts from newspapers, magazines, children’s books ( self penned ) . I am lucky to have spent my life creating political cartoons, advertising campaigns, character development, animation, greetings cards etc. and after many years I still enjoy experimenting with styles and techniques.

I firmly believe one’s creativity should never remain static.

Every day is fresh and new for me and I would like others to experience the joy and wonder of creating a blank sheet of paper into a beautiful work of art. I believe everyone can develop their creative side given the right direction and confidence.

So I am proud to run and organise the Creative Cartoon Club Workshops and Masterclasses. I also run software workshops and tutorials and workshops for the more experienced cartoonist and illustrator.

From a practical point of view I am CRB enhanced checked and have full public liability insurance.

If you would like further information, commissions, to arranging school visits or workshops, please contact me and I’ll do my best to assist.