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Check out ‘How to Draw a Polar Bear’ Part of Miko’s Realistic Drawing Tutorials

Use photographs to refer to when ever you are drawing anything, be it serious illustration or cartoon. Miko always uses photographs for reference. Better than using photographs is to sketch and draw from life. So if you get a chance … Continue reading

Another Realistic Drawing Video ‘How to Draw a Bald Eagle’

Another more realistic drawing tutorial from Miko. Miko says it doesn’t matter about copying other artists work. Copying is good. We learnt to speak when babies by copying the speech of those around us. Don’t worry if it’s not quite … Continue reading

Check out Miko’s Video Tutorial ‘How to Draw a Realistic Panther’

To make a change Miko likes to vary his drawing style. So he has created a series of ‘How to Draw Realistic Figures’ These are rather more detailed than Miko’s cartoons. But don’t worry, just take it steadily. Pause the … Continue reading