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Dulwich Books Workshops. ‘Can’t Draw? Can Draw!’

Time moves so quickly and already it is Dulwich Books Literary Festival and my workshops 31st October, and I am so looking forward to it!! Its Halloween as well, what a great opportunity to create some fabulous spooky halloween monsters.

Lucky me another school visit as an Author Illustrator

Oh boy! Am I the lucky one, I have been asked back to visit St John’s Primary School in Gravesend next week. That’s great! I must have been doing something right!! I get such a buzz out of my school visits … Continue reading

‘Can’t Draw, Can Draw!’ Workshop with Miko

Dulwich Books have done it again as they sponsor the Dulwich Literary Festival. So many brilliant happenings going on, I really don’t know how Sheila O’Reilly and her team manage to get it together AND run a very successful bookshop. A bonus … Continue reading

Wishing you and your loved ones………..

……….a Magical Christmas and Health and Happiness for 2014. Here is a little something especially for you………. Miko’s 2013 Christmas Card, just for you……..         

Take a virtual video tour of Miko’s Open Studio!

We have just had a couple of exhausting, but thoroughly enjoyable weekends. As part of the prestigious Dulwich Festival 20th Anniversary, I was asked to run a few cartoon workshops, to which I agreed. While I was at it, would … Continue reading

Kate Harper - simply The Best! - Mik Brown/Miko - age: ?

Updated List of Greetings Card Publishers from Kate Harper Design

Hi Folks. Do you know Kate Harper? She’s a talented American illustrator and designer with an impressive portfolio of artwork which quite a few companies license for their greetings cards, calendars, and other such gifts. So she has lots of … Continue reading

A Miko Tutorial Movie Especially For You: ‘ How to Draw a Cartoon Dog ‘

Want to learn how to draw a cartoon dog? This is a fun and easy to follow video tutorial. Just grab yourself  paper and pencil and follow Miko drawing a cartoon dog. Follow the simple shapes: all drawn roughly, some … Continue reading

Check out ‘How to Draw a Polar Bear’ Part of Miko’s Realistic Drawing Tutorials

Use photographs to refer to when ever you are drawing anything, be it serious illustration or cartoon. Miko always uses photographs for reference. Better than using photographs is to sketch and draw from life. So if you get a chance … Continue reading

Another Realistic Drawing Video ‘How to Draw a Bald Eagle’

Another more realistic drawing tutorial from Miko. Miko says it doesn’t matter about copying other artists work. Copying is good. We learnt to speak when babies by copying the speech of those around us. Don’t worry if it’s not quite … Continue reading

Another Video Tutorial ‘How To Draw a Cartoon Wolf’

This is an evil looking cartoon wolf. Can you make your drawing fun and evil? I’m sure you can. cartoon wolf drawings How was that, Good? Nice and evil?