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Want to learn how to draw but feel a bit intimidated?

Join the Creative Cartoon Club and learn how to draw the fun way: with cartoons!

I wish I could draw but I don't know how!

I wish I could draw but I don’t know how!

Created for those of you with an artistic urge but don’t know how to develop their creative confidence, and those who believe ‘I am one of those people who just cannot draw!’

The Creative Cartoon Club website is a fun, funny, educational site. All about cartoons and cartooning. Cartoons and cartoonists. How to’s and how not to’s… and more and mores…!!

Drawing tutor on a unicycle, drawing a sheep

Why do we call ourselves the Creative Cartoon Club? Simple:

In the normal art class you are asked to draw a vase of flowers. It requires a lot of experience and knowledge to get it to look anything like the vase of flowers. You lose confidence and never pick up a pencil again! What a dreadful waste of potential talent!

Smashing-flower-and-pencil art attempt!

Creative Cartoon Club asks you to draw the vase of flowers using a fun, distorted ‘cartoon’ style. There is no right or wrong proportion, relax and enjoy.

Happy kid drawing happy cartoon flower

So we concentrate on drawing and painting cartoons, because they are fun to create, giving you more confidence and satisfaction. The more confident you become, the more you create, the more you learn, the more you relax and enjoy.

A flower with a happy face

As your cartoon drawing skills progress we try out different gags and situations, learning how to create a sense of visual humour.

Check out these images ‘From Pencil Roughs to Coloured Finished Art.’ Click on the first image to start the slideshow. The slides will automatically play or you can click to speed up. Enjoy…

As your artistic skills develop, so does your creative imagination, together with your confidence. So too will your interest in all forms of art.

‘An artist is born’

Where do we hold the Creative Cartoon Club Workshops?

We visit schools and libraries as author/illustrators, we hold Workshops at Dulwich Picture Gallery (mainly illustration workshops) in Dulwich and at the Saatchi Galleries in Chelsea.

We run after-school Creative Cartoon Club Workshops and workshops for children and adults in all areas, just contact us for your nearest venue and prices. If there isn’t one, we’ll arrange it. One to one tuition is also available and we will also be running online tutorials here at CreativeCartoonClub.com.

So, paper and pencil at the ready, creative cap on…………. let’s have fun!


Start your exploration with a look at our Most Recent Posts, the gallery of our students’ cartoon drawings, or the schedule of our upcoming workshops. Or contact us to discuss how we can bring Miko’s Creative Cartoon Club workshops to your own school, library, art gallery, or other venue.