Lucky me another school visit as an Author Illustrator

Miko's Creative Workshop Can't Draw? Can Draw!

Miko’s Creative Workshop Can’t Draw? Can Draw!

Oh boy! Am I the lucky one, I have been asked back to visit St John’s Primary School in Gravesend next week. That’s great! I must have been doing something right!!

I get such a buzz out of my school visits and we have such great fun. I have this idea ‘Can’t Draw? Can Draw!’: If you can write letters of the alphabet, numbers and shapes, even if you’re not happy with the result, then you can draw. So, our young creatives will follow my shapes on the flip chart, starting off with a triangle, square etc, nice relaxed sketchy lines, we add circles for eyes and end up with some great characters. We have a lot of fun creating these characters and they are all of them just great. We follow up by talking about their possible names, where they live, a planet or under a rock etc., their family….it goes on and without realising and much to their delight our young creatives have written and illustrated a story!! Brilliant!



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