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Dulwich Books Workshops. ‘Can’t Draw? Can Draw!’

Time moves so quickly and already it is Dulwich Books Literary Festival and my workshops 31st October, and I am so looking forward to it!! Its Halloween as well, what a great opportunity to create some fabulous spooky halloween monsters.

A Miko Tutorial Movie Especially For You: ‘ How to Draw a Cartoon Dog ‘

Want to learn how to draw a cartoon dog? This is a fun and easy to follow video tutorial. Just grab yourself  paper and pencil and follow Miko drawing a cartoon dog. Follow the simple shapes: all drawn roughly, some … Continue reading

Another Video Tutorial ‘How To Draw a Cartoon Wolf’

This is an evil looking cartoon wolf. Can you make your drawing fun and evil? I’m sure you can. cartoon wolf drawings How was that, Good? Nice and evil?

Follow Miko in ‘How to Draw a Cartoon Duck’

Take to drawing like a duck takes to water. Ho! Ho! Instead of going to the expense of buying a sketch book, get some photocopy paper. Thicker the better 80gsm or 100gsm. Here we go, pencils at the ready. LOOK … Continue reading

Watch Miko’s ‘How to Draw a Cartoon Rabbit’

Well I guess, a cartoon rabbit is the older version of the previous cartoon bunny. What do you think? Let’s see……… cartoon rabbit images Mmmm! Yes we think so too. How is your drawing going? Bad or good? It just … Continue reading