A visual delight from the creative young artists at S Anselms in the heart of the Peak District

See the tiny Monster Pupil arriving for her first day at Big Monster School. Is she shivering because she is cold? I don’t think so.

What a fun and wonderful experience working with such a delightful and charming school in a beautiful part England.

The young artists and staff worked hard at their creations and came up with fantastically imaginative characters and stories.

One of my aims with the young artists in my workshops is to encourage creative brain storming. Creating characters and developing stories around them. It never ceases to astound and delight me how one idea leads on to another. Very soon you have an illustrated book. Simply Beautiful!

Click on thumbnail to see more of the picture and let the slide show commence or use the arrows to move forward or back. Enjoy.

It wasn’t only a great delight to work with everyone at S Anselms but I was able to enjoy a few days R and R in beautiful Derbyshire.

So, if you are thinking of inviting Creative Cartoon Club to run a workshop and you think you may be too far away. You aren’t.

Ah! Great life huh?


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