Illustration and Cartoon Workshops

These illustration and cartoon workshops are held all over the place particularly at such prestigious venues as, The Dulwich Picture Gallery and the Saatchi Galleries. If you would like to organise a creative workshop somewhere special, let me know. The workshops are run for all age groups from young students, to mature students and everything in between. The course or singular workshop is tailored to the ability of the students, from ‘just about able to hold a pencil!’ to the ‘professional who wishes to hone their craft!’

The illustration workshops are for those who wish to create realistic/stylised artwork. Using a life model and photographic reference we work on developing your drawing skills. Using those skills you will learn how to visualise and create and illustrations for various media ie Children’s books, Newspaper editorial, Magazine articles, storyboarding etc.

The Cartoon Workshops: There are 2 distinct workshops here. The first being for those who are not at all confident in their drawing ability. Here we will encourage and develop your art work by firstly by drawing an object in a cartoon fun style. Anything goes, relax and enjoy. As your work progresses, we show there are correct proportions  for a cartoon character. Very soon you are an artist, because you CAN DRAW!

You could then go on to the next Cartoon Workshop stage, which is for those with a little more artistic ability and want to become a cartoonist. We work on how to create a funny cartoon, both the drawing and how to work up a funny idea. We work further on Greetings cards and Children’s Books. On to the more detailed humorous illustration and to caricature.

I like my workshops to be fun and informative.

If you would like further details do contact me and if there isn’t a workshop near you we’ll try and arrange an appropriate venue.