Updated List of Greetings Card Publishers from Kate Harper Design

Hi Folks. Do you know Kate Harper? She’s a talented American illustrator and designer with an impressive portfolio of artwork which quite a few companies license for their greetings cards, calendars, and other such gifts. So she has lots of experience with how to make it as an artist. She shares that experience on her blog and in her newsletter, to help fellow artists with practical tips and insights.

Kate Harper - simply The Best! - Mik Brown/Miko - age: ?

Why do I mention her now? Well, she’s done it again… Keeping us posted with her latest greetings card updates. This time it’s an update on how and where to submit our work. Back in 2009 she posted a list of greetings card publishers that accept artists’ submissions, and for each one, she gave the link to the submissions guidelines webpage. She has left the old date on the post, but has updated the list itself. Most are in the U.S. but several are in the U.K. Take a look!


I always look forward to Kate Harper’s posts, they are always interesting and informative.

Thanks for sharing, Kate!

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