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A series of stills taken from Miko’s ‘How to Draw’ tutorials and workshops. There will also be a few videos showing how to draw for those who say they cannot draw, well you can and it’s fun! These start off as very simple shapes, forming into all sorts of great characters. We’ll also be adding a few Videojug Tutorial Videos.

For those working on a computer there will also be tutorials on how to use Miko’s favourite software Photoshop and Corel Painter. And there is more….Miko will also be putting up some animation tutorials.

You lucky people!

Watch Miko’s ‘How to Draw a Cartoon Rabbit’

Well I guess, a cartoon rabbit is the older version of the previous cartoon bunny. What do you think? Let’s see……… cartoon rabbit images Mmmm! Yes we think so too. How is your drawing going? Bad or good? It just … Continue reading

A Miko video tutorial ‘How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger’

Want to know how to draw a Cartoon of  a Tiger? Just watch this great video tutorial and you’ll be able to copy Miko’s art, step by fun step. Give it a go: How To Draw A Cartoon Tiger cartoon … Continue reading

Miko’s “how to draw” video tutorials hosted on Videojug

Here are some still pictures of a few of the “how to draw” video tutorials I have on Videojug.

Thought I’d add just a few “How to Draw” Videojug Tutorials

I’m afraid the ads on Videojug are rather annoying and loud, but I guess that pays their bills. The first one I’ve chosen is ‘How to Draw a Penguin‘ the reason being is that the Penguin is created out of … Continue reading